I want to hustle – Little boy takes shovel from his dad and packs sand at site

A man has shared a video which captured the moment his little child offered to assist him at the site where he works.

The boy declared readiness to work so his father handed him a shovel to pack sand and put it into a sack.

“I want to hustle,” he said to his father.

The man then began to cheer and urge him to work hard, by repeatedly saying ‘hustle hustle hustle, be fast ….’

The boy could be seen struggling to lift the shovel, but he was eventually able to fill it with sand and poured it into a sack.

The father then cheered his son and encouraged him to do more, saying; “All the bobo you are drinking is not in vain.”

Watch the video below:

@orji4daddy na hustle #trending #viral #tiktok ♬ original sound – orji okpaleke

In other news, Jeremiah Ekuma Iziogo, a young man who went viral months ago while working as a hawker in Lagos state, recently returned to his hometown.

He was spotted giving money to prisoners in a Correctional Service vehicle and his kind act earned him praises.

Not long after the video surfaced, Businessman, Obi Cubana granted him scholarship to further his studies and he went off the radar.

Jeremiah has now visited his father in the village 9 months after moving to Lagos to hustle, which was where his life changed. He revealed that he left the village on December 12th 2021.

The young man took to his Instagram page and shared photos of the moment he met his dad and he described it as one of the greatest things to happen to him.

He said the other person in the picture with him and his dad is his elder brother named Amos Ekuma.

He wrote; ”And I met with my father #lazarusEkuma once again since I left village on 12th December 2021 for Lagos.

Meeting with him again is one of the greatest things that have happened to me this year. By the left is him and by the right is my elder brother #AmosEkuma. #graceOfGod. I love you my papa my #rolemodel.❤️”

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