Trending video of a middle-aged man lodging into a hotel room with his JHS girlfriend causes stir

A worrying video that has stirred massive angry reactions online captures the moment a middle-aged man dodged into a hotel room with a girl who doesn’t look a day above 12.

As seen in the video, the middle-aged man was followed by his young girlfriend who’s probably still in Junior High School.

Shockingly, he was given an easy pass to lodge into the hotel room without any interrogation.

Social media users who have come across the video have called on authorities to immediately arrest the man and also penalize the management of the hotel.Trending video of a middle-aged man lodging into a hotel room with his JHS girlfriend causes stir

Reacting to the video,

@Wizarab10 for instance commented – She doesn’t look a day above 12. We no longer have communal responsibility. Nobody wants other people cautioning their kids, so this is what you get.

@therealdaddymo1 also angrily commented – This is what we mean by an enabling environment for sexual predators, rape and statutory rape. She looks underage. Plus the predator, plus the receptionist, plus the hotel management, plus the person recording, plus those who saw them entering the hotel and didn’t do or say anything to stop them, everyone is complicit

@IamJasmine07 – Since they started using the following lines …. “Mind your business” “I do what makes me happy” “You can’t tell me what to do” Things have never been the same

@GodsgreatG – We’re living the “it’s not my business lifestyle” or the “as long as it’s not happening to me lifestyle.” Moral degeneration is the consequence of not speaking out or not taking communal responsibility. I know of hotels that won’t check in minors unless they’re with a guardian.

@ChawsBeau – We saw them cause they went to an Hotel. Do you know how many of this some of those area brothers enabled by allowing them use their room? Even some egbon Adugbo sef go dey knack such small girl giving so many excuse. E don be

Watch the video below to know more…

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