“Despite didn’t become rich from selling cassettes” – Oboy Siki goes deep into Despite’s wealth and source of money

Kumawood Veteran Actor Oboy Siki has gone deep into the wealth of one of Ghana’s Richest and most successful businessmen Dr Osei Kwame Despite in his latest appearance on GHPage TV’s Rash Hour Show.

According to him, the stories we have been made to believe all these years about Dr Osei Kwame becoming wealthy and rich from his selling of cassettes back in the days on the streets of Kumasi are not true.

Oboy Siki for the first time in any media space revealed that Dr Osei Kwame Despite worked as a salt miner at Elmina for over 30 years. He explained that the businessman was well-to-do before he started the cassette business.

Further on the show, Oboy Siki who seems to know more about the Ghanaian entrepreneur and philanthropist said he comes from an affluent home, thus Despite’s father was a Richman.


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