Heartbroken man storms out as DNA proves he’s not the biological father of his child (Video)

A young Ghanaian man, Stephen Opoku, found out that the daughter his woman made him believe was his child actually belongs to another man.

A video which surfced online showed when the couple visited a radio station where the DNA test results were showed.

During an interview with Mama Effe on Nhyira FM, Opoku’s lover said that he was the father, but the medical test proved otherwise.

The young dad was shocked and in pain when he found out through DNA test result that he was not the biological father of his daughter, Sandra Opoku.

He then covered his face as he became emotional, stood up and angrily walked out of the studio.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile another man also discovered that he was not the real father of his child, but he did not send his wife packing nor divorce the woman.

Facebook user, Adunni Onigege Ara, narrated how her male friend impregnated a married woman but she pinned the baby on her husband.

He was living in the same neighbourhood as the couple so he often monitored the husband’s movement. However, years later, he was asked to go and reclaim his child for him to succeed and he went to the family.

Though there was some disagreement initially, the married man eventually allowed his wife’s lover to take back his daughter. Surprisingly, the man forgave his wife for everything and they continued to live together as a couple.

Adunni wrote; ”I had a friend who dated this married woman. She was married with 2 kids and her husband travels a lot. Along the line she got pregnant for my friend and they had to pin it on her husband. My friend was involved in the pregnancy till she had the baby girl. Her husband was also doing his Husband’s duty. As a matter of fact, my friend was still having s** with her during the pregnancy. She had the baby girl and my friend was by her side through it all in cash and person. The husband never suspected a thing. He was not always around though. They stay in the same neighbourhood, so it was easy to monitor the husband.

On the day of the naming ceremony, he was there as a guest and even gave the baby a name. Contributed to the naming ceremony and all ooo. Years later, he was asked to go and claim his child for things to get better for him. To cut the long story short. He went to claim the child and after family intervention and meeting, the child is with him. And guess what, the Husband of the lady did not divorce or chase her away. They are still living together as couples and they have another child together now. Everybody is happy. He forgave his wife.

She is a full house wife and she is not from a rich family. So, it wasn’t about her having money. It was true love that forgave his wife and realised his own lapses and made amends. Sometimes, love is not to be understood. You can’t seem to understand what love does until it happens to you. True love exists outside of SM.”

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