How to Pull off Pencil Skirt Outfits Like a Style Icon

Have you ever appreciated a woman’s figure? If so, then two events must have caused that: She had a curvaceous body, to start. Second, her curves were highlighted by the clothing she wore. For instance, body-con dresses or outfits with pencil skirts.

These skirts are known to frame a woman’s body and bring her assets to the full glare of the world.

lady wearing orange pencil skirt wit white boots

If you have an hourglass figure or you’re pear-shaped, narrow-fitting skirts are must-have wardrobe essentials for women like you. They highlight your enviable curves and give you stunning photos.

However, it all depends on how you rock them.

plus sized lady wearing a long pencil skirt

Here’s what I mean:

You may wear a pencil skirt that flaunts your curves yet yield no impact. Why? Because you failed to exude style and class with it.

lady wearing a pink midi pencil skirt layered with jacket

If you’ve been making this mistake, not to worry. This piece you’re reading will show you how to rock a pencil skirt for women to its fullest potential. What’s more?

When you take pictures in any of the pencil skirt outfit ideas in this post, you’ll get banging photos that bring in massive engagement.

Let’s dive in.

What to Know About Pencil Skirts?

curvy lady wearing long pencil skirt with bra top

Pencil skirts are straight skirts. They came into the fashion scene when the French designer, Christian Dior, introduced it in his 1954 Autumn Winter collection.


Unlike your regular straight skirt, this type of skirt is more fitted and tapers inwards at the knee.

Narrow-fitting skirts like this look rectangular when laid flat. They’re mostly made with stretchy fabrics to ease wearing, while some come with zips at the side or back for the same purpose.

Furthermore, some narrow-fitting skirts come with a vent behind. Some have a slit in front or by the side. Others come with flounces, ruffles, and even peplum.  This helps to add more details while making it more comfortable for you to move around in it.

lady wearing top and yellow sheer pencil skirt

Any body type can rock this style of skirt. However, it looks more flattering on curvy ladies.  The way it hugs your body from your waist down to your hips and then tapers around the knee is artsy.

To make it more flattering, ensure the hem ends around the knees. It can be slightly above or below your knees but not any shorter. Then pair them with suitable tops and accessories as you’ll soon see.

How to Wear a Pencil Skirt

lady wearing adire top on brown pencil skirt

Narrow-fitting skirts are suitable for any occasion. They have a formal look which makes them a staple when it’s time to pull off business casual or formal office wear outfits.

You can wear them to work, luncheons, church, weddings, etc. How? In the following ways:

1. Pair Your Skirt with a Dress Shirt

lady wearing stripped shirt with midi black pencil skirt

A button-up/down shirt always looks good with a narrow-fitting skirt. You can go for white, black, blue, pink, yellow, etc., depending on the color and patterns of your skirt.


lady wearing black shirt on checked midi pencil skirt

If you don’t want a solid-colored shirt, try wearing a multicolored or a shirt with multiple patterns.

2. Pair it with Any Blouse

lady wearing a blouse on a pencil skirt

If you don’t wanna wear your skirt with a shirt with buttons, go for any other kind of blouse.

lady wearing animal print top on leather pencil skirt

It could be short-sleeved or long-sleeved. It could even be sleeveless or any type of neckline with cute details.

3. Tuck in or Untuck Your shirt

lady wearing flowery print top tucked in a pencil skirt

You can as well wear a loose-fitting top and tuck it in for a blouson effect or untuck your shirt for a casual vibe.

lady wearing sweater on a black leather pencil skirt

Whichever one you prefer is fine.

4. Wear as a Suit

Rihanna wearing a suit on a matching pencil skirt

Some pencil skirts come as two-piece or three-piece suits. If this is yours, feel free to rock your skirt with its ensemble— a jacket and camisole.

lady wearing suit on a midi pencil skirt

If you work in a bank or any formal corporation, this should be your go-to outfit.

5. Wear a Turtleneck

lady wearing turtleneck on a midi pencil skirt

This can be a top, sweater, or bodysuit. Turtlenecks are versatile pieces every wardrobe deserves to have.

lady wearing a black turtleneck on a midi pencil skirt

Just go for a neutral color (to pair with any color) or any other color that suits your pencil skirt.

6. Layer Your Outfit

lady layering her outfit on a brown pencil skirt

Add a jean jacket, blazer, sweater, cardigan, duster, kimono, or any outerwear to the mix.

lady wearing a jacket on a white pencil skirt

Layering your outfit helps you switch up your looks. It’s the perfect way to restyle your clothes and achieve different outfits without looking boring or appearing like you’re repeating your clothes.

7. Rock it With a Sweater

lady wearing a sweater on pencil skirt

Sweaters don’t just serve as outwear to keep you warm while layering. You can also wear them as tops with your skirts.

lady wearing a sweater on a black pencil skirt

These pencil skirt outfits are gorgeous. Save them for when the weather is cold so you don’t sweat underneath.

8. Wear as a Two-piece

lady wearing top with matching pencil skirt

Picture yourself in a two-piece that comprises a midi pencil skirt and a nice top or cropped jacket.

lady wearing top with matching midi skirt

Cool, right? Now stop imagining. Go for this look. It can even be a bespoke ankara two-piece, denim on denim, or any ready-to-wear coordinated set you have.

9. Pencil Skirt and Crop Top

lady wearing white crop top on white pencil skirt

A crop top always goes with anything; take it from me.

lady wearing crop top on leather pencil skirt

If this option is on your to-do list, go for a high-waisted narrow-fitting skirt. It’ll complement your cropped top and prevent it from overexposing your midriff.

10. Add Your Leggings

smiling lady wearing leggings under pencil skirt

Wearing a pair of leggings underneath your pencil skirt adds more details to your outfit. It gives people an extra thing to stare at when they look at you.

lady wearing leggings under leather pencil skirt

Moreso, it also helps to keep you warm if you reside in cold climates.

11. Wear the Right Shoes

Asian lady wearing top on midi pencil skirt with sneakers

For a confident, dressy look, go for pumps, ballerina flats, and maybe open-toed heels. For a casual vibe, feel free to wear your sneakers, flip-flops, or sandals.

lady wearing a suit and matching pencil skirt with heels

12. Sprinkle Those Little Add-ons

plus sized lady wearing leather pencil skirt with matching bags and shoes

Ready to step out now that you know how to rock a pencil skirt? Great. But don’t leave just yet.

lady wearing white shirt on black skirt with handbag and sunshades

Sprinkle those little add-ons that magnify your look. Yeah, I’m talking about your accessories. So, look in the mirror and add some befitting jewelry to your look. Feel free to tie a scarf around your neck or hair, put on your sunglasses or hat, and clutch your handbag.

Only when you’ve accessorized are you ready to step out.

lady wearing top and long pencil skirt
smiling lady wearing red suit with matching pencil skirt
lady wearing top with black pencil skirt and pumps
lady wearing white turtleneck on green pencil skirt
smiling lady wearing a white top on a black leather skirt
lady wearing white two-piece outfit with a pencil skirt
lady wearing white top on black pencil skirt
lady wearing orange two-piece outfit with a pencil skirt
lady wearing black long sleeves top on brown pencil skirt
lady wearing black two-piece outfit with a pencil skirt



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