Auto Gele Styles You Should Wear to Your Next Event

Cindy was going frantic. It was 20 minutes to the start of her traditional wedding yet the lady who was supposed to tie her gele wasn’t around. She didn’t know what to do and in that moment of confusion, she wished she had gone for auto gele styles instead.

If she had done that, she wouldn’t even need anyone’s help to wear her headgear. But there she was, peeking at the window, hoping the lady would appear right in time to save her.

Is your traditional marriage or introduction coming up soon? Or are you looking for the perfect headgear to complement your asoebi attire? If you don’t want to have regrets like Cindy, ensure you tie your gele before the D-day, or better still, opt for an auto gele.

lady wearing yellow outfit with matching ready-made gele

Besides being a time-saving stylish innovation, automatic geles save you from any stress or disappointment on your big day.

Women these days are switching from the regular manual gele styles to a ready-to-wear headgear. And they’ve been reaping the benefits.

If you too wanna jump on the train like other fashion-forward women, you’ll find the latest auto gele styles in this post. Keep reading as we dive in.

Why Wear Any of the Auto Gele Styles?

lady rocking red outfit with matching auto gele

Auto Gele refers to the ready-made traditional headgear Nigerian women wear to complement their native attires. As the name implies, this gele is automated. That is, it’s already been tied, sewn, or made. All you have to do is to place it over your head and adjust it to fit.

That’s the difference between this one and the regular gele styles.

It comes with the following benefits:

1. Saves You Time and Energy

smiling bride wearing purple outfit with matching ready-made gele

Once you have your auto gele, no need to watch youtube videos to learn how to tie a gele yourself.

You don’t even need to book anyone to help you tie it.  You don’t even need to worry about anyone twisting and turning your head while they manipulate the headgear.

Just get one from a good auto gele maker and hang it somewhere in your room as you prepare for your event. Voila! You’re good to go rock the show.

Auto gele styles preserve your energy while your money does the job for you.

2. Restyle Conveniently

lady wearing light blue ready-made gele

As many times as you want, you can always restyle your ready-made gele with different outfits so long as their colors match.

Even when you’re wearing it for the first time, you don’t need anyone’s assistance. Simply place it on your head, adjust it to fit properly and you’re good to go.

It’s called ready-to-wear gele for a reason, you know.

3. No Disappointment

lady rocking orange fan auto gele

Unlike Cindy, the fictional character in our introduction, you won’t be disappointed if you go for the auto gele styles.

Whether the person tying your gele comes or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that you pick up your ready-made gele before the D-day and ensure it’s up to your taste and satisfaction.

Latest Auto Gele Styles for the Trendy Nigerian Woman

lady wearing oxblood auto gele

Ready-made gele is a game-changer transforming the traditional social event space. Whether you’re wearing an ankara outfit, aso oke for your wedding, or a lace asoebi, you’ll always need a gele to complete your look.

Gone are the days when a woman was respected by the size of her gele. These days, you earn respect from the gele styles you wear and how much class they exude.

smiling lady wearing green auto gele

So, whether you’re going for a beaded, floral, pleated, or stoned gele, just make it ready-made.

It’ll save you time and energy, avoid disappointment, and allow you to restyle without stress.


With all said, here are the trendiest auto gele styles you should wear to your next event:

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