More than 50 businesses want to employ me – Viral Marine Science graduate (video)

University of Ghana graduate in marine science Isaac Kwame Addae revealed that he had employment offers from at least fifty organizations as a result of standing by the road with a poster and asking for work.

According to him, despite the mockery that he suffered as a result of his photo going viral on social media, the courage to do what he did has paid off.

“It was very difficult initially. People kept laughing at me that I decided to move to a different location. When I got there, I was inspired to stay because other people kept telling me I’ll find a job. In total, I spent about an hour and 30 minutes in the sun. But now, more than 50 companies have offered to employ me,” Addae disclosed in an interview with Serwaa Amihere on GHOne TV.

He had been photographed standing close to a gutter by the road, while holding the poster to display his predicament.

The viral photo shows him wearing a black pair of trousers and shoes, as well as a light blue long-sleeved dress, with a black backpack on his back.

The poster he was holding also had his telephone number, via which anyone who has or knows of a job vacancy could reach him.

The photo was shared on social media platforms and it has since sparked diverse reactions, from people sympathizing with him to others making fun of the young man’s situation.

The majority of the reactions suggested that it would be hard for Addae to find a job in Ghana because of the course he chose to study. In their view, BSc. Marine Science is a bit strange and he might struggle to find any employment opportunity in that specialty.

Some people also suggested that he venture into entrepreneurship, while others said he could get employed as a naval officer in the Ghana Armed Forces.

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