KiDi begs Daddy Lumba to feature on his song or he won’t release it.

With his talent and perseverance, KiDi has already achieved a lot for himself, but Daddy Lumba will help him unlock a feature.

Despite being the reigning VGMA Artiste of the Year, KiDi says one of the things he is still looking forward to attain in the Ghanaian music industry is a feature with High Life Legend, Daddy Lumba.

According to the afrobeat artist, he has a song that he will never release if he doesn’t get Daddy Lumba to feature on it.

I have a song that I’ve told my team that this song will never come out until I have Daddy Lumba on it.” Further pleading to the Ghanaian legend, KiDi added that “Daddy, with all due respect, I want to have you on that song.”

Detailing why he wants the highlife legend on his song, KiDi said “Daddy Lumba is my dad’s favourite artist growing up. I would play his songs every morning. I can sing a lot of his songs.

Asked if he has made any move to meet Daddy Lumba, he said “I was supposed to meet him at a show at the National Theatre, but I left earlier. I don’t want our conversation to be on the phone. I want to meet him in person and tell him, ‘ Daddy, I want you on a song’. I want to meet the greatest musician.

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