Students abroad cry out over unpaid fees, say they have been locked out of school portals

Adjei articulated the frustrations and challenges faced by students abroad, shedding light on the prolonged delay in receiving promised financial assistance from the GSS.

” We would like to state for the records that, we received the much revered Scholarship scheme from the GSS in September 2023 with the hope of getting our School fees and stipends paid by the Government of Ghana through the GSS.”

Furthermore, Adjei emphasized the impact of delayed payments on students’ academic pursuits and mental well-being:

“The schools have been chasing us out in request for their fees. This has led to the withdrawal of sponsorship for some affected students and referral of students to debt collection agencies which has gravely affected our sanity.

It is instructive to note that, some of these students are due for completion but their portals have been locked inhibiting them from submitting their assignments and dissertations. A lot of us are now handicapped and have no control of the issue.”

The email also highlighted the universities where affected students are enrolled, including the University of Portsmouth, Queen Mary University of London, Bournemouth University, University of Northampton, University of Hull, and Kingston University.

In response to these challenges, the GSS 2023/24 Beneficiaries urge stakeholders to intervene promptly and ensure the timely disbursement of scholarships to deserving students abroad. They emphasize the critical need for the Ghanaian government and relevant authorities to honor their commitments and support students in their educational endeavors.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat says it is yet to receive financial clearance from the finance ministry to pay stipends to students studying abroad.

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