Awutu Senya Council warns against spreading false claims of men losing their penis

A statement signed by the head of the municipal security council, Anita Love Obo Amissah said “Investigations has revealed that no such rumours have been corroborated by any medical team so far. The issue has generated a lot of fear, panic, and chaos amongst the residents of the Awutu Senya East Municipality.”

They emphasized that residents should carry on with their daily activities without fear, as the security operatives are fully committed to ensuring a peaceful Easter celebration.

It has been reported that residents of Kasoa in the Awutu Sanya East district of the Central Region find themselves in the grip of fear and disbelief following a series of reported mysterious disappearances of seven penises within a week.

The bizarre incidents have sparked panic and confusion in the community, with locals flocking to authorities for answers.

The latest incident, which occurred on Monday, March 26, 2024, saw a surge of concerned residents converging at the CBD Police Station in Kasoa, seeking intervention and explanation for the inexplicable events unfolding in their midst.

According to reports, the unsettling saga began when a young man, who made a living selling shoes around the Kasoa interchange area, encountered two individuals claiming to be nationals of Niger.

The strangers expressed interest in purchasing his wares but struggled with the local language, seeking assistance from the vendor.

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