E/R: Barber who allegedly killed his SHS 2 girlfriend found dead

A Barber who allegedly killed his SHS 2 girlfriend has been found dead this morning around 10 am at Fanteakwa South District in the Eastern Region.

According to Radio1 reporter Sompahemaa Ama Adiepena, the case was reported to the police by a farmer.

“I was going to the farm when I saw the skull of a human in the bush, I rush back home and reported it to the police,” the farmer said.

The police arrived at the scene and saw the remains of Akoumani Kwabena known as Emeka decomposed to bones, his Ghana card, bad, and a rope tied to a tree.

The police said they have identified the body as Akoumani Kwabena known as Emeka.

At the time of filling this report the chief of Nsutam and his elders have already poured libation and waiting on the town council to come for the bones for burial.

On Friday, June 2, 2023, reported that an 18-year-old student of the New Nsutam Senior High Technical School in the Abuakwa-North District of the Eastern Region had met her untimely death after allegedly being stabbed to death by her boyfriend.

Radio1 gathered that Abigail Asare, a form two student of the school and resident of Accra, on the morning of Friday, June 2, 2023, around 9 am, visited her boyfriend, Emeka, said to be a Togolese, soon after leaving school for the mid-term holidays which began on Friday.

Not long after, Emeka is said to have left the shop without his girlfriend.

Minutes later, a customer who came to the shop for a haircut saw the victim’s lifeless body on the floor, soaked in blood from knife wounds.

Alarmed by the spectacle, the eyewitness quickly informed the Akyem-Nsutem police, who also informed the Kyebi police, with men from the Kyebi Divisional Police Command responding immediately to the scene.

The police conveyed the lifeless body of the student to the Kyebi Government Hospital for preservation and autopsy as investigations into the incident continued.

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