Amandzeba believes ‘Ghana should be paying unemployment benefits to people’

He emphasized that Ghana, with its abundant natural resources, should have been capable of providing unemployment benefits to those unable to secure jobs.

Regardless of political affiliations, Amandzeba stressed the need for a collective focus on work and progress. He highlighted Ghana’s wealth of resources, including gold, diamonds, oil, and lithium, questioning why these resources have not translated into widespread benefits for the population.

Expressing frustration with what he termed “national complacency” and a tolerance for inequality, Amandzeba called for a shift in the country’s mindset. He emphasized that Ghana’s natural wealth should benefit all citizens, not just a privileged few.

Amandzeba urged the public to hold leaders accountable and demand equitable distribution of the nation’s riches. He warned against a cycle where leaders become masters and citizens become servants, stressing the importance of speaking truth to authority.

His remarks resonate with a growing chorus of voices in Ghana calling for economic reform and a fairer distribution of resources.

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