We’ll pay your fees and stipends once Finance Ministry approves – GSS to students abroad

According to Dr. Agyemang, the GSS is committed to providing financial support to students abroad, covering tuition fees and maintenance costs. However, the delay in receiving approval from the Ministry of Finance has hindered the timely disbursement of funds.

“The students abroad in Cote d’Ivoire, Russia, Spain, Togo, and Benin will be prioritized for payment as soon as we receive clearance from the Ministry of Finance.”

This announcement comes in response to grievances raised by students studying abroad, as highlighted in an email sent to by Rene Adjei, representing the GSS 2023/24 Beneficiaries. Adjei expressed frustration over unpaid tuition fees and inaccessible school portals, citing the adverse impact on students’ academic pursuits and well-being.

The GSS reassures affected students that once financial clearance is obtained from the Ministry of Finance, their fees and stipends will be promptly disbursed.

In the meantime, the Secretariat urges students to remain patient and assures them of its commitment to resolving the issue swiftly.

“The schools have been chasing us out in the request for their fees. This has led to the withdrawal of sponsorship for some affected students and referral of students to debt collection agencies which has gravely affected our sanity.

It is instructive to note that, some of these students are due for completion but their portals have been locked inhibiting them from submitting their assignments and dissertations. A lot of us are now handicapped and have no control of the issue.”

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