Reggie Rockstone says people need to be shot and locked up over state of the economy

When questioned about potential solutions, Rockstone advocated for a more drastic course of action, suggesting the imprisonment and even execution of individuals responsible for the economic crisis, particularly those maintaining extravagant lifestyles at the expense of the populace.

“Africa is at a standstill, and Ghana is struggling. I don’t want to hear about political parties; we need a complete overhaul. Some individuals need to be held accountable. That’s the only way forward for us, as black people. We need to set an example. Some people need to face consequences, even if it means imprisonment or worse,” Rockstone asserted during a recent appearance on the Uncut Show, hosted by rapper D-Black.

Rockstone highlighted the severity of the situation, emphasizing the devastating impact of poverty on lives. He stressed that while music and entertainment serve as distractions, they also divert attention away from critical issues affecting the populace.

He pointed out that, in spite of how serious things are right now, music and entertainment distract the masses who are also easily swayed by sensational issues instead of paying attention to issues that matter.

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