Nana Serwah Godson-Amamoo reported dead after scuba diving exercise in Dubai

Scuba diving is a method of underwater exploration where divers utilize self-contained breathing equipment, allowing them to breathe independently of a surface air supply. This equipment provides divers with a limited but adjustable endurance underwater.

Reportedly, Godson-Amamoo informed her companions in Dubai that she was feeling unwell just five minutes into her preparation for a scheduled scuba diving session.

Following her complaint, Ms. Godson-Amamoo is reported to have collapsed shortly after going through the training session and died. Some Ghanaians, learned colleagues of the lawyer, and social media users have since been sympathizing with the lawyer’s family.

Nana Serwah, a key figure at AB & David Africa firm’s Natural Resources and Extractive Industries Practice Group, boasts an extensive career spanning over 19 years in the energy and extractive sectors.

Her expertise extends to representing clients across a spectrum of natural resources, energy, mining, and related matters. Nana provides comprehensive legal counsel and strategic guidance encompassing acquisitions, deal structuring, negotiation facilitation, project development, joint ventures, and local content compliance within these industries.

Additionally, Ms. Godson-Amamoo leads the firm’s Government Business and Regulation Practice Group. Here, she offers consultancy services on public sector organizational restructuring and policy reform initiatives. Nana aids African governments in crafting industry legislation, fostering capacity building, and enhancing systems and human resources to support sectoral advancement.

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