Kelvyn Boy says Ghanaians don’t have the ears for deep music

Speaking in a recent interview on 3Music TV, Kelvyn Boy, real name Kelvin Brown, said he has observed that songs with profound messages often struggle to gain traction in Ghana.

He described the phenomenon as a result of “lazy ears,” in which listeners tend to favour familiar sounds over more thought-provoking music.

“In Ghana, if you do a deep song, it doesn’t get buzz. Ghanaians have these lazy ears. They want to hear what they expect; they don’t want to hear conscious music,” he said.

He asserted that he knows how to make songs simpler to appeal to Ghanaians, but said he wouldn’t as it was not his purpose for doing music.

“I’ve always known that and I don’t do that. That’s why I’ve always stayed different.

“I know the simple things to say and I can say that. I know that it will be very easy for it to be catchy, but is that what God brought me here to do? To impress you?” he asked.

For him, staying true to his unique style and message is important, even if it means forgoing popularity.

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