NPP will not cede power to NDC – Bryan Acheampong

The statement comes amidst the political fervor leading up to the elections, with both major parties vying for control of the government. Acheampong’s declaration underscores the intense competition and strategic maneuvering within Ghana’s political landscape.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters, Acheampong highlighted the NPP’s commitment to its agenda and vision for the country’s development. He emphasized the party’s achievements during its tenure in office and expressed confidence in its ability to secure another term.

The Member of Parliament for Abetifi expressed his conviction that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) would not attain victory in the December 7 polls, regardless of their aspirations.

He raised doubts about the rationale behind a party’s pursuit of power at any cost when it lacks the ability to secure electoral success.

“Last year I stood here in Mpraeso and said that whether NDC likes it or not they will never win the 2024 polls. If you don’t win an election, will power be handed over to you? We will not hand it over to them today or tomorrow.

“As at that time I made the statements Ghana was confronted with economic challenges. Food inflation was around 61%. Inflation was around 55%. The prices of cement and iron rods went up. Contractors said because of the IMF program, they were not going to work.

“Agenda 111 projects came to a standstill. The dollar prices went up as high as GH¢19.00. Even at the time, in 2020, when we were in difficulty, the NDC was thinking that because we were in difficulty, Ghanaians were going to vote against the NPP.

“But I told you that before we vote in the next election, the economy will be restored and Ghanaians will see the good works of the NPP government,”

With the elections fast approaching, Ghanaians are eagerly watching the unfolding political dynamics and preparing to cast their votes for the party they believe will best serve their interests and aspirations.

The stakes are high, and the outcome will undoubtedly shape the country’s trajectory for years to come.

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