NPP govt has been unkind to Ghanaians – Mahama

Mahama, who is also the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), made these remarks during a political event where he addressed supporters and party members. He expressed his disappointment with the NPP’s governance, particularly regarding socio-economic issues affecting Ghanaians.

According to Mahama, the NPP government has failed to fulfill its promises and deliver on its mandate to improve the lives of Ghanaians. He pointed to various challenges facing the country, including the rising cost of living, unemployment, inadequate healthcare, and deteriorating infrastructure left to rot.

Mahama reaffirmed his dedication to addressing the concerns of young people should he be elected as leader.

He suggested dividing the Youth and Sports Ministry to establish a distinct Youth Development Ministry.

This decision, he explained, would underscore the significance of youth involvement and facilitate job creation, aligning with his broader economic agenda, including the 24-hour economic initiative.

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