Traditional leaders are vital contributors to national progress – Mahama

Mahama highlighted the invaluable contributions of traditional leaders to various aspects of Ghana’s development, including governance, conflict resolution, and community development.

Traditional chiefs, deeply rooted in Ghanaian culture and history, serve as custodians of tradition and guardians of community welfare. Their authority and influence extend to both urban and rural areas, making them essential partners in nation-building efforts.

Mahama underscored the need for collaboration between traditional authorities and government institutions to address the challenges facing Ghanaian communities effectively. He stressed that sustainable development requires the collective effort of all stakeholders, including traditional leaders.

The former president also commended the role of chiefs in promoting peace and stability in their respective jurisdictions. He noted that traditional leaders often serve as mediators in conflicts, helping to maintain harmony and unity within communities.

Furthermore, Mahama emphasized the importance of empowering traditional chiefs to participate actively in the governance and decision-making processes at the local and national levels. He called for measures to strengthen the institutional framework that supports the involvement of traditional leaders in development initiatives.

Mahama’s remarks highlight the recognition of traditional chiefs as indispensable partners in Ghana’s development agenda.

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