I strongly oppose pastors predicting presidential elections – Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

During the interview, Dr. Tetteh made it clear that he has no presidential ambitions himself, stating, “I feel sad for the President. It is a headache. No, never!”

He expressed his strong opposition to pastors who use their platforms to declare who will become the next President.

The issue of pastors prophesying about presidential elections has become increasingly common in Ghanaian society, often stirring controversy and debate. However, Dr. Tetteh believes that it is inappropriate for pastors to involve themselves in political matters in this manner.

Instead, he advocates for pastors to focus on their spiritual roles and refrain from making predictions about political events.

According to Dr. Tetteh, pastors should prioritize preaching the gospel and offering spiritual guidance to their congregations rather than delving into the realm of politics.

He believes that pastors have a responsibility to promote peace, unity, and spiritual growth within their communities, rather than engaging in partisan activities.

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