Out of my 13 children, only 10 bear resemblance to me – Bukom Banku

Known for his colorful antics and unfiltered commentary, Bukom Banku, opened up about his experiences as a father and the challenges of raising a large family.

The boxer revealed that he is the father of 13 children, but surprisingly, only 10 of them resemble him. He mentioned that among his children, Abu Kamoko, who followed in his footsteps as a boxer, bears the closest resemblance to him.

“I have 13 children, with 10 of them resembling me, while the remaining three take after their mothers. Among them, Abu Kamoko resembles me the most,”

“ game. My blood is thick so you have to born Banku Fresh,” Bukom Banku responded to a DNA test question

Abu Kamoko lost in the final match of the 86kg cruiserweight category against Algerian boxer Kanouni Ousama at the recent All-African Games, securing a silver medal, surpassing his father’s achievement of winning a bronze medal 25 years ago.

Responding to his son’s loss in a final boxing match during the African Games, Bukom Banku explained that Abu Kamoko was frightened by the huge crowd which affected his performance in the ring.

“This is his first time in the game. He feared the crowd and was frightened, so he lost, but his opponent was a small match for him. I trained Abu Kamoko up until age 7,” he stated.

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