Mahama vows to create standalone ministry for youth and Sports

In a statement at the unveiling of the NDC’s National Youth Wing Secretariat and Campaign on Friday, March 29, 2024, Mahama emphasized the critical role of youth in nation-building and the need for tailored policies and initiatives to address their unique challenges and aspirations.

Mahama expressed his belief that a standalone ministry for youth affairs would streamline efforts to address these issues effectively by centralizing youth-related policies and programs under one umbrella, the government can ensure better coordination, resource allocation, and monitoring of initiatives aimed at empowering young Ghanaians.

His decision to separate the Youth and Sports Ministry stems from his observation of the predominant focus on football, neglecting other sports and avenues for youth advancement. Former President Mahama envisions a revamped ministry that not only prioritizes sports but also places significant emphasis on youth development.

Under the restructured ministry, Mahama proposes the establishment of a dedicated youth development service.

This service aims to provide job opportunities for young individuals while aligning with his ambitious 24-hour economy initiative. The 24-hour economy initiative is designed to bolster economic growth and job creation round the clock, highlighting the pivotal role of youth participation in Ghana’s progress.

Mahama articulated his intentions, stating, “We are going to separate Youth and Sports because it’s a youth and sports ministry but over the years, what we do is that the concentration is on sports and even on sports, the concentration is on Black Stars at the expense of any other sports. So I’m going to set up a service for Youth development. It will focus primarily on Youth status in all sectors of the economy.”

He further elaborated, emphasizing the importance of mainstreaming youth interests across all sectors of the economy and underscored the significance of implementing strategies geared towards generating employment opportunities for the youth, with the ministry poised to lend substantial support to the overarching goal of fostering a vibrant 24-hour economy.

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