No penis has vanished in Kasoa – Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly

“It has come to the attention of the Municipal Security Council that some residents are peddling rumors that some ritualists are in the Municipality and that anytime they touch the genitalia area of a male, the penis of the victim disappears,” the statement read.

The council emphasized that thorough investigations have been conducted, with no medical team corroborating these rumors. However, the dissemination of such unverified information has sparked widespread fear, panic, and chaos among residents of the Awutu Senya East Municipality.

While urging the public to disregard these false reports and continue with their daily activities, the council reiterated its commitment to maintaining security and order in the area.

“The Security Council has taken a very serious exception to the matter and wishes to inform the general public to go about their normal duties without fear, assuring them that the Security Council is fully capable of ensuring a happy Easter Celebration,” the statement continued.

Furthermore, the council issued a stern warning against the propagation of baseless rumors, stating that individuals found guilty of spreading such falsehoods would face severe repercussions.

“The Security Council also wishes to caution the general public that whoever is apprehended and proven to peddle false rumors about the missing male genitals would be severely sanctioned,” the statement concluded.

In light of these developments, residents are encouraged to remain vigilant and rely on verified sources of information, while authorities continue to monitor the situation closely to ensure the safety and well-being of all community members.

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