I am new a Muslim, forgive me; Akuapem Poloo apologizes over fight in Ramadan (VIDEO)

Akuapem Poloo came as a surprise to the Muslim community over the concern that it is the Ramadan period and practising Muslims like Akuapem Poloo are expected to desist from such violent acts to keep the month holy.

According to the Ghanaian actress, she has also received calls from her Muslim brothers and upon reflection, she is begging for forgiveness. ” I would like to say a very big sorry to my fans here,” she said.

Akuapem Poloo continued “I have also had calls about the video that is out and it’s good because it’s Ramadan time but out of anger I just couldn’t hold myself. Please forgive me, we are all not perfect … my Muslims are calling me. it’s just 1 and half years now since I converted so I am still learning.”

Hear more from her in the 1-minute 45-second video below.

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