Nana Addo announces government plans to construct 30 Smart Schools this year

He stressed that over the past seven years, his government’s concentration on education has been unprecedented, evidenced by policies, infrastructure development, provision of equipment and resources such as furniture, scholarships, stationery, and enhancements in teacher welfare.

The Smart Tablets to 1.3 million Senior High School (SHS) students across country, the President announced is to provide students with crucial technological skills, aligning with the government’s goal to enhance education through technology.

Under this initiative, approximately 100 smart SHSs will be built nationwide within the next two years. These schools will create better learning environments and more educational opportunities for students.

“The other component of the Ghana Smart Schools project is the provision of infrastructure. The government intends to build 100 Smart Schools across the country,” he said.

He added that “And for the avoidance of doubt, it is planned that the 100 Smart Schools will be located in the following cities and towns in all the 16 regions.”

He emphasized that each student would receive their own educational tablet, loaded with digital content to assist with research, teaching, and learning.

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