Mr Logic reveals he spends at least GHC8,000 everyday

“Honestly, my daily expenditure is serious, in a day I can spend… it may be small for someone but at my level I spend at least GH₵8,000,” he said.

In an interview with Zion Felix, he emphasized the consistency of his daily spending habits, which he believes reflect the demands of his profession and his active involvement in the entertainment sector.

Mr. Logic elaborated that a significant portion of his daily expenses, approximately a thousand cedis, is allocated solely to fuel, in addition to other regular expenditures.

Despite his affiliation with the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Logic criticized those who blame the government for high fuel prices, labeling such behavior as indicative of ignorance. During an appearance on Hitz FM, he asserted that individuals who overlook the broader economic dynamics and fail to engage in informed research are, in essence, demonstrating illiteracy.

Drawing comparisons with European fuel prices, he highlighted differences in societal structures, such as Europe’s double-shift system, and underscored the need for Africa to reevaluate its single-spine system, which he perceives as a significant hindrance to economic progress.

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