Ghana Police prosecutor implicated in Busua Property fraud – Supreme Court verdict

Legal documents reveal that Mr. Ayamga instigated legal action seeking an eviction order for the property, which he claimed to have bought from an ex-girlfriend of the legitimate owner, Mr. Bram Rodenburg. However, the legitimate owner, represented by attorney Ms. Georgina Ama Eghan, intervened in the proceedings and proved the ownership transfer to be fraudulent.

During cross-examination, it was revealed that a mate of Mr. Ayamga, Sheila Abayie-Buckman, drafted the Power of Attorney used in the fraudulent transaction. Additionally, payment evidence was not provided by Ayamga or his ex-girlfriend, casting further doubt on the legitimacy of the sale.

The High Court nullified the sale, reverting ownership to Mr. Rodenburg, and criticized Ayamga for his involvement in the fraudulent conspiracy, considering his position as a senior police officer and lawyer.

Ayamga appealed the ruling but was unsuccessful, with the Supreme Court dismissing the review application on grounds of lacking merit.

The High Court Judge stated that Mr Ayamga is a Senior Police Officer and a lawyer who should have known better but opted to shut his eyes to the fraudulent conspiracy being perpetrated in relation to the Busua property.

Mr Ayamga was represented in the High Court by Dr. Justice Srem-Sai of Praetorium Solicitors in Accra whereas the legitimate owner was represented by Mr Constantine K M Kudzedzi of Cann, Quarshie & Co in Takoradi.

Despite multiple attempts at appeal, including a subsequent review application, the Supreme Court upheld its earlier decision, marking a legal setback for Ayamga in the high-profile property fraud case.

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