Captain Smart praises Bongo Ideas for insulting him, promises to make him TV host (VIDEO)

According to social media posts by Onua TV, the interview was supposed to happen on Tuesday, March 26, 2023, but to the surprise of fans, it didn’t take place.

It was then rumoured that it was cancelled after Captain Smart realized that Bongo Ideas had insulted him. In a shocking twist, the TV presenter has denied the rumours, revealing that he never saw Bongo Ideas’ harsh criticisms about him.

Speaking on Onua TV today, Captain Smart rather praised Bongo Ideas and promised that he would still interview him and also coach him on how to become a great TV presenter.

I have never heard his name before, I was shown his tweets about me just yesterday but as for me, I don’t care” he said.

I was laughing, it’s nice that he wrote those things about me, I felt like at least I have found someone who can criticise me. So Bongo Ideas, I wanted to interview you myself so make time and come,” he said.

I see you are courageous, I love it I want to train to become a morning show presenter, the way you write, I think you can be a very good presenter, get closer I’ll train you,” he said in the video below.

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