Akufo-Addo appoints Herbert Krapa as new ECG board chairman amid dumsor concerns

Amidst growing concerns over recurring power cuts, colloquially termed as dumsor, the ECG has been under intense scrutiny.

Krapa’s appointment signals a shift in leadership within the ECG board, with expectations high for him to address the recent power disruptions effectively.

As the new Board Chairman, Krapa is tasked with navigating the company through the complexities of power distribution and ensuring stable electricity supply across the nation.

With public outcry for a structured timetable to mitigate the impact of power outages on daily lives, Krapa faces the immediate challenge of restoring confidence in ECG’s ability to provide reliable electricity services.

His leadership will be pivotal in implementing strategies to alleviate the burden on citizens and foster economic stability amidst power uncertainties.

As Krapa assumes his new role, all eyes are on him and the ECG board to deliver actionable solutions that alleviate the impact of power outages and restore public trust in the country’s energy sector.

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