Mahama is Ghana’s worst President – Bawumia

Bawumia branded Mahama the most economically ineffective president in Ghana’s history.

Bawumia at the party’s International Conference held in Johannesburg on March 23, 2024, pointed to Mahama’s past performance, labeling it as dismal and raising doubts about his suitability for leadership once more.

He stressed the need for a forward-thinking leader for Ghana, highlighting his credentials as a problem solver and advocating for his chance to lead the nation.

“Former President Mahama has been president before, but what was his track record? He failed.

“He failed to tackle corruption and many problems. Economically, if you look at all the economic data in the 4th Republic, Mahama has been the worst president.

“John Mahama doesn’t represent change because he was there as president and he has been rejected twice in 2016 and 2020.

“I have not been president before and my record as Vice President is there for all to see. John Mahama represents the past and I represent the next chapter and future of our country,” he said.

He juxtaposes his stance with that of his primary competitor, former President John Mahama, insinuating that Mahama might not prioritize such transparency.

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