Kasoa residents in fear as 7 men’s penises reportedly vanish within 1 week

According to reports from UTV’s Jacob Kubi, the unsettling saga began when a young man, who made a living selling shoes around the Kasoa interchange area, encountered two individuals claiming to be nationals of Niger. The strangers expressed interest in purchasing his wares but struggled with the local language, seeking assistance from the vendor.

In a chilling turn of events, one of the strangers drew close to the shoe seller, making physical contact with him. The vendor then experienced a sudden shock coursing through his body, accompanied by a strange heaviness in his genital area. In a state of panic, he realized his penis had vanished, sending him into a frenzy of screams and demands for its return.

The commotion drew the attention of onlookers, who swiftly apprehended the mysterious individual responsible for the disappearance and brought him to the CBD Police Station in Kasoa for questioning. Shockingly, the suspect confessed to using supernatural means, known locally as “juju,” to steal the young man’s penis.

Despite his confession, his attempts to reverse the spell and return the stolen organ proved futile, leaving both the victim and authorities perplexed and helpless. Previous victims who were fortunate enough to have their penises returned have reported an inability to achieve erections, adding another layer of distress to an already bizarre situation.

The phenomenon of disappearing penises after mere physical contact with strangers is not entirely new in Africa, but the recent surge in reported cases, totalling seven within a single week in Kasoa alone, has amplified concerns and stoked fears among the populace.

Residents remain on edge, grappling with the unsettling reality that their community has become the epicentre of a strange and sinister phenomenon, the origins and motives of which remain shrouded in mystery.

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