Funny Face’s license should’ve been seized long ago – Blakk Rasta

He noted that Ghanaians would have taken mental health seriously if the victims involved in the accident were related to a minister of state or government officials, adding that the state should be blamed for what happened with Funny Face’s accident.

Our nation has failed the citizenry again. We do not take mental health seriously and it hurts me. Funny Face will walk free anywhere he goes. Once it is proven that he was suffering from a certain kind of mental sickness, my brother, what should we have done?

“Once we realised that Funny Face was going through mental issues, the first thing we could have done was to take away his driver’s licence and get him to the psychiatric hospital. He had been to a psychiatric hospital a couple of times. Did they recommend that his driver’s license should be taken away? We have failed the little children involved in the accident. We have failed Funny Face himself,” he stated.

Funny Face has been locked up in police cells after he was involved in an accident. Around 8 PM Sunday, 24th March 2023, the Ghanaian actor reportedly knocked down about 5 pedestrians whilst driving.

A close relative has confirmed that no fatalities resulted from the accident involving Ghanaian comedian Funny Face, however, significant injuries were sustained by the victims involved.

Ebenezer, the son of Theresa, the 50-year-old mother whom Funny Face knocked down, provided an account of the aftermath in an interview with

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