Family alleges negligence at Korle-bu Teaching Hospital caused grandma’s death

According to the woman, their ordeal began with a referral from another medical facility to Korle-bu Teaching Hospital, hoping for urgent medical attention for her ailing grandmother. However, upon arrival, instead of the expected sense of urgency, they were met with indifference from Nurse Haga, who allegedly informed them that there were no available beds for the elderly patient.

Despite pleas for help, the nurse purportedly took no further action until intervention from a family member who works at the hospital. Even then, the woman claims, the care provided fell short of what was needed for her grandmother’s condition.

Tragically, days later, the grandmother’s health deteriorated further, prompting another visit to Korle-bu Teaching Hospital. To their dismay, they encountered the same nurse, Haga, who allegedly ignored them, citing their alleged rudeness during their previous visit. Shockingly, they claim they were forced to place the critically ill woman on the bare floor due to a lack of proper accommodations.

The distraught woman firmly blames the death of her grandmother on what she perceives as negligence by Nurse Haga and other healthcare workers at the hospital. Her impassioned plea for accountability has resonated widely, prompting calls for swift action to address systemic issues within the healthcare system.

As of now, the authorities at Korle-bu Teaching Hospital have yet to respond to the serious allegations levelled against their staff. The silence from the hospital administration only adds to the frustration and grief of the family seeking answers and justice for their loss.

This development underscores the importance of quality healthcare and the need for transparency and accountability within medical institutions to prevent such tragedies from recurring. It is expected that a thorough investigation will be initiated into the matter and measures put in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all patients entrusted to the care of healthcare professionals.

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