Deborah Seyram assaulted police our officers over sugar daddy’s car – Police tells court

Deborah Adablah’s actions occurred amidst legal disputes involving her and banker Ernest Kwasi Nimako, with Adablah previously having her sexual harassment case against Nimako dismissed.

During cross-examination, Counsel for Adablah, Lawyer Mohammed Atta, sought clarification on the commencement of the execution order. Detective Sergeant Ayitey clarified, “I did not commence the execution order. Rather I was the night investigator on the said date when the Regional CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) arrested and brought Deborah S Adablah for obstructing the police officers from executing the order and also an assault on the police officers.”

The proceedings also highlighted discrepancies regarding documentation and procedures. While acknowledging standard police protocols for recording actions in the station diary, Ayitey explained, “In this case, this order was not to me rather it was addressed through our legal department to the Regional Commander who then sent it to the CTU commander for necessary action.”

In response to Counsel’s suggestion that incorrect documents were presented, Ayitey defended his submission, stating, “My lord, I tendered what I have or known about.” However, he conceded that only the officers directly involved in executing the order could provide further details.

In the interest of justice, Counsel for Adablah requested the subpoenaing of appropriate officers from the CTU to clarify the execution process. Presiding Judge Justice John Bosco Nabarese granted the request, ordering the Regional CTU officers to appear for further cross-examination on May 7, 2024.

Meanwhile, lawyers representing Banker Ernest Kwasi Nimako have filed for a summary judgment, indicating a continued legal battle in the ongoing case. The proceedings have been adjourned to May 7, 2024, as the Court awaits further clarification and evidence regarding the alleged assault and execution of the preservation order.

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