Ashanti Region: Minister left speechless on TV when asked to name 5 projects of NPP

Although he managed to mention four projects, he faltered and fell silent when pressed for more.

“We have completed the Zipline project which is at Mampong… go and look at Bosomtwe Girls… By the end of April, you will see that plans can land at the airport… baby and mother unit that Auntie Rebecca came to commission is also our project,” he said.

Just prior to this, the minister had challenged the National Democratic Congress to present ten legacy projects they had initiated in the Ashanti Region.

However, it became apparent that he couldn’t offer the same level of detail when questioned about his own party’s accomplishments.

He added: “They should give me 10 signature projects or legacy projects that they commissioned in the 8-year period they were in power, in the Ashanti Region.”

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