Pappy Kojo kicks against bill; says It’s madness to make any LGBTQ offender go jail

He stated, “I disagree because I feel like it’s a reach for someone to be in jail or prison for, like, three years just for being who they are. I think it’s mad. LGBT is just straight human rights. Putting people in jail for their sexual preference, for three to five years, is mad.

Pappy Kojo also suggested that personal biases might be driving support for the Bill, singling out known proponent Sam George. He remarked, “I also think it’s just personal to Sam George. If you’re in power, you can pretty much do whatever you want. So I think that’s what he’s doing.”

Touching on broader implications, Pappy Kojo emphasized the need to shield children from exposure to intimate matters, regardless of sexual orientation. He stressed, “Intimate matters shouldn’t be exposed to kids. Whether heterosexual or homosexual, they shouldn’t be exposed to kids.”

Pappy Kojo’s outspoken comments contribute significantly to the ongoing debate surrounding the Bill and its potential impact on human rights in Ghana.

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