Funny Face Accident: No Deaths, Mother knee broken, Children injured – Relative reveals

Theresa suffered a serious injury, with both of her knees broken in the collision. Meanwhile, the children, who are her niece and a nephew, aged 6 and 2 respectively endured head injuries as a result of the accident.

The incident, which occurred at Kakraba Junction in Kasoa, prompted immediate medical attention, with all victims swiftly transported to the hospital for treatment.

Fortunately, despite initial concerns, it was clarified that none of the victims succumbed to their injuries. The niece, initially believed to be deceased due to severe unconsciousness and bleeding, survived the ordeal.

“She didn’t die, she was very unconscious she was bleeding, she couldn’t talk so people thought she was dead . This morning, I called my sister, but she didn’t confirm whether she was talking about what she was not talking about.

“We didn’t finish the conversation then the call dropped, so I don’t know,”

Ebenezer expressed uncertainty regarding the latest updates on his family members’ conditions.

Meanwhile, the whereabouts of Funny Face, whose involvement in the incident has been confirmed but whose condition remains undisclosed, remain unknown.

The police have been alerted to the incident, with further inquiries ongoing.

“I will go to the police station today. I’m with the last born of my friend and one of my nephews and then my grandmother, so I’m going back to the police station to check on them. Nobody has got me from the police station, but they came there yesterday to take some pictures. I haven’t seen Funny Face either, I saw him in the video that went viral, but I’ve not seen him physically. I don’t know where he is, the police came, but Funny face wasn’t part. So as of now you don’t, we don’t know anything from Funny Face’s side, “

An individual who witnessed the unfortunate event recounted the details to UTV, a television station based in Accra. According to the witness, Funny Face collided with a mother and her two children, as well as two motorcyclists.

“I was parking my car when I heard the collision. Upon investigation, I discovered it was Funny Face,” the eyewitness stated. “He hit three people— a woman and two children— before colliding with two motorcyclists. The scene was quite serious, as evidenced by the bloodstains on my jeans.”

This development brings a sense of relief amidst the initial shock, as the victims now undergo necessary medical treatment in hopes of a full recovery.

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