Bongo Ideas recounts ordeal after arrest 

But both the Police and National Security denied any involvement in his detention, leaving the circumstances shrouded in mystery.

In his first interview following his release, Bongo Ideas spoke to German broadcaster DW Africa about his harrowing experience, attributing it to individuals he claimed were posing as law enforcement officers.

He recounted the terrifying ordeal: “In the early hours of March 14, 2024, around 3:am, individuals pretending to be policemen forcibly entered my residence and forcefully removed me. They threatened me with firearms, putting my life at risk, and subjected me to physical assault, all while cautioning me against speaking out against the President.”

His revelation sparked mixed reactions on social media, with many blaming Hyde for bringing such attacks upon himself.

Hyde’s revelation elicited mixed reactions on social media, with some blaming him for inviting such attacks upon himself. However, others condemned the assault, advocating for the use of democratic processes to address any grievances against Hyde rather than resorting to clandestine and violent methods of intimidation.

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