Stonebwoy, Wiyaala’s electrifying performance capping off 13th African Games

Stonebwoy, a multi-award-winning reggae and dancehall artist, took to the stage with his signature charisma and infectious energy. The crowd roared excitedly as he delivered a captivating performance, featuring some of his biggest hits that resonated with fans of all ages. From “Top Skanka” to “Ololo,” Stonebwoy’s electrifying presence ignited the stadium, creating an atmosphere of celebration and unity.

Wiyaala, the “Lioness of Africa” Known for her powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence took center stage and mesmerized the audience with her soul-stirring performance. Her unique blend of Afro-pop, rock, and traditional African rhythms captivated the crowd, leaving them in awe of her musical prowess and magnetic charm.

Dressed in vibrant, colorful attire, Wiyaala delivered a mesmerizing performance that showcased her powerful vocals and infectious energy. Hits like “Rock My Body,” “Tinambanyi,” and “Make Me Dance” had the crowd dancing and singing along, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Their performances were a fitting tribute to the athletes, coaches, and officials who competed passionately and determined throughout the games reminding audiences of the power of music to unite, inspire, and uplift, capping off the 13th African Games in true Ghanaian style.

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