Settle owed NSS allowances – Mahama tells Akufo-Addo

Addressing the issue during a public event, Mahama highlighted the challenges faced by NSS personnel due to delays in the payment of their allowances. He stressed that these delays often create financial hardships for the service personnel, affecting their well-being and ability to fulfill their duties effectively.

“There was never a time in my government where we could not pay a monthly allowance, but today for five months, they cannot pay the service personnel, and the money is not so much.

“What kind of government is this? Nothing seems to be going well. The economy was bad and we are wallowing in debt, and the little amount due these personnel, you are equally unable to pay,” he said.

The call by Mahama comes amidst concerns raised by NSS personnel and various stakeholders about the delays in the payment of allowances, which have persisted for some time. These delays have often resulted in frustration and discontent among the service personnel, prompting calls for urgent action from the government.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the National Service Personnel Association, Nana Adu Gyamfi Mensah, has noted that the association is negotiating with the government but warned that if a consensus is not reached, a strike will follow.

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