Gospel music losing spirituality, artists now worldly – Apostle Lenny

Apostle Lenny Akpadie raised eyebrows when he voiced his concerns about the direction of Gospel music, suggesting that some artists, including Empress Gifty and others, have veered towards a more carnal approach in their music

In an interview on Joy Prime, the Apostle’s remarks shed light on a broader issue within the gospel music genre, where the balance between spiritual message and commercial appeal has become increasingly blurred.

While some argue that contemporary gospel music has evolved to cater to changing tastes and preferences, others believe that it has strayed from its core purpose of spreading the message of faith and spirituality.

“Your attention is on the dress the ladies are wearing more than the message. You’re looking at how they move themselves and it’s so attractive that you lose the message.”

“We are getting less and less of spiritualized sheep doing gospel music and introducing of the world.”

Gospel musician Empress Gifty, found herself at the center of the controversy following Apostle Lenny Akpadie’s remarks.

Known for her dynamic performances and chart-topping hits, Empress Gifty has garnered widespread acclaim for her contributions to the genre. However, her artistic choices and lyrical content have come under scrutiny, with some critics questioning the spiritual depth of her music.

In reference to Empress Gifty’s interview last week, he said “Gifty came here last week talking about her brand and promoting herself. That’s carnality! There’s an extent to which you promote your work because what you are looking for, God is looking for it for you more than yourself,”

“I’m not saying that she should not promote her event. I’m saying that she should preach the Christ. She should talk about people coming to encounter the Holy Ghost during the event. That’s the message we are carrying in songs.” he said

While some may argue that contemporary gospel music should adapt to contemporary trends to remain relevant, others emphasize the importance of upholding traditional values and principles in gospel music.

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