GWCL to shut down two water treatment plant on River Pra due to galamsey

He said the Chang fang machines, the weapons of destruction are often seen lined up on some of our riverbanks with unbridled audacity.

Earlier, he indicated that the water company has had to reduce water production by 30% in the Central region which has led to an acute water shortage in the region.

He explained that the level of contamination of the water has significantly increased the cost of production.

“I think this plant was designed with a turbidity level of about 500MNU. Late last week, we received as much as 7500, so you can see that it is almost water that cannot be treated,” he stated.

Galamsey operations involve the use of mercury and other chemicals to extract gold from the earth.

These toxic substances are often washed into nearby water bodies, contaminating them.

The mercury used in the process poses a severe threat to aquatic life and can accumulate in fish, making them unsafe for consumption.

The operations often divert or dam water sources to facilitate mining activities.

This diversion disrupts the natural flow of rivers and streams, leading to reduced water availability downstream for agriculture, domestic use, and other purposes.

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