Ghana’s economy soars to GH₵841bn in 2023

Future Outlook: Government Projects Economy to Exceed GH₵1tn in 2024

Despite a slight dip from 2022, the economy recorded a cumulative growth rate of 2.9% in 2023, with the fourth quarter standing out at 3.8%.

The service sector led the annual growth with a rate of 5.5%, while industry contracted. Agriculture remained steady.

Sub-sector Trends: Four Key Sub-sectors Contribute Over 50% to GDP

A notable trend emerged with four sub-sectors—crops, trade and repair of vehicles, household goods; mining and quarrying; and manufacturing—contributing over 50% to Ghana’s GDP, indicating sustained growth over the years.

While Gross National Income per capita from a local currency perspective doubled since 2018, reaching GH₵25,349, the dollar perspective remained relatively stable over the past six years, ranging from a high of US$2,453 to a low of US$2,126.

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