Don’t crumple the Cedi notes during offering; God knows how much you’re holding – BoG

“The bank notes have been varnished with certain elements, and anytime you crumple them, you crush these elements and allow humidity to seep through, speeding up the mutilation of these notes,” Owusu explained. “Please, let’s keep the currency clean because it is our identity.”

Owusu further disclosed the BoG’s intention to expand its sensitization campaign to various religious institutions, including churches and mosques, as well as marketplaces. The aim is to educate the public about the importance of keeping Ghana Cedi notes clean and safe.

The BoG’s initiative highlights the significance of maintaining the integrity of the national currency and promoting responsible handling practices among the populace. By raising awareness about the impact of crumpling and mishandling cedi notes, the central bank aims to foster a culture of respect and preservation for the Ghanaian currency.

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