African Games: Cadman Yeboah, Joseph Commey, and Mohammed Amadu wins gold

Competing against formidable opponents from across the African continent, Yeboah displayed exceptional athleticism and skill, dominating the high jump competition from start to finish. His impressive performance captivated spectators and earned him the top spot on the podium.

The men’s high jump event witnessed intense competition, with athletes pushing their limits to achieve greatness. However, Yeboah stood out with his impeccable technique and sheer determination, clearing the bar with finesse and precision at 2.25m.

Also in other disciplines, Ghanaian boxers Joseph Commey and Mohammed Amadu have etched their names in history by clinching gold medals for Ghana in the boxing event at the prestigious African Games.

Competing in their respective weight categories, Commey and Amadu showcased exceptional skill, determination, and resilience throughout the tournament, defeating formidable opponents to claim the top spots.

The gold medal wins by Commey and Amadu mark a significant achievement for Ghanaian boxing, underscoring the nation’s rich boxing tradition and legacy in the sport.

The triumphs of Commey and Amadu in the boxing event at the African Games are a source of pride and joy for the people of Ghana. Their gold medal wins highlight the nation’s commitment to excellence in sports and serve as a testament to the resilience and determination of Ghanaian athletes.

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