Voting for Mahama will be a great mistake – Justin Kodua to Ghanaians

In an interview with Citi News, Kodua Frimpong highlighted the NPP’s established track record, underscoring the importance of maintaining the party’s leadership for continued growth.

“You have one person who has the chance to be president for eight years, who can come to you again for four years for you to evaluate what he has done, and one person who has nothing to lose. After four years, whether he performs or does not perform, he is going. So it is a choice that Ghanaians will have to make.

“That’s the message that we are driving home. When it comes to in terms of policies and ideas, we are waiting for the time that there will be that public discussion or debate between our flagbearer and the flagbearer of the opposition party, and then we will be able to know the real and clear difference between the two of them.”

Kodua Frimpong further emphasized the importance of a public discourse and debate between the respective party flagbearers to tell Ghanaians their policies and ideas to enable voters to make informed decisions based on substantial differences between the candidates.

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