Sonnie Badu argues in favour of monarchy, says Democracy not for Africa

Drawing parallels with countries like the United Kingdom, where a monarchy coexists with democratic institutions, Badu highlighted the developmental strides made by nations under monarchic rule, such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

He emphasized the stability and progress brought about by monarchs in contrast to the political instability often witnessed in democracies.

Badu argued that African nations would benefit more from monarchies, citing the consistent development and protection of resources seen in such systems.

He criticized the focus of politicians on personal gain, attributing it to the high costs associated with political campaigns and the need to recoup investments.

The musician-turned-pastor lamented the lack of prioritization of the welfare of citizens by African leaders, noting the prevalence of poverty despite abundant resources. He highlighted the familial ties that often transcend political divides, leading to a culture of profiteering at the expense of the populace.

While acknowledging the flaws in the political system, Badu suggested that such behavior is inherent in politics and may persist until individuals experience it firsthand. He cautioned against the deception inherent in political opposition, which often serves the interests of politicians rather than the people.

In conclusion, Badu expressed concern for the plight of African citizens amidst the political gamesmanship, urging a deeper understanding of political dynamics and their impact on society.

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