It’s just a 3–4 hour journey – Man supports Cheddar’s Accra-Kumasi sea extension idea

However, criticism has been rampant, with many doubting the feasibility of Bediako’s plan due to technical, environmental, and financial hurdles. Despite this, a resident of Kumasi has emerged as a vocal supporter of Cheddar’s proposal.

The resident argues that Kumasi’s accessibility renders Bediako’s idea feasible, noting that the journey from Kumasi to Accra typically takes only 3 to 4 hours by road. He drew a parallel to historical travel times, mentioning how the journey of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus from Jerusalem to Egypt took about a week, compared to the modern-day ease facilitated by the Suez Canal.

The resident’s confidence in the viability of sea extension to Kumasi counters the prevailing scepticism. While Bediako’s proposal faces significant challenges and debate, this perspective offers a glimmer of support amidst the ongoing discourse surrounding the ambitious project.

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