Funny Face gives up on fight with Baby Mama over their children

The couple, who have three children together, went through a messy breakup that had everyone talking. They officially announced their separation in 2020 and things have never been the same between them.

According to Funny Face, his baby mama has denied him access to the children and he can’t continue fighting against her.

In a post he shared on social media, he said “ GYE NYAME “ 🙏🏾🔥 Take da children and chew dem .. am tired of fighting to see my own blood .. i will sell my house , cars and lands and some few properties i have left .. and relocate to a different country and start my life all over again .. !! GOD bless us all”.

This comes after few weeks ago when Funny Face disclosed that he has not been to see his children for about 4 years now because he is also broke.

Charley man made some bad choices, and it has cost me. If you won’t help me, please just don’t destroy me to other companies who want to use me for ambassadorial deals. So I can gradually gather some money small small to go see my daughters. It’s not that I don’t want to see them, but Charlie, I’m broke. My everything spoil [sic].”

“Please stop destroying me to companies !!! WE LIVE WE LEARN !! A situation that has caused me everything !! My hope is built on the LORD… and I know HE will come through for me…so allow me, so I can hustle and gather money small to go see my daughters…as for baby Kimberlyn she turned 3 years on the 24th NOVEMBER…she has never seen me before !! Hmmm life [sic],” he wrote

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