Investigative journalist reveals his billionaire father died due to lack of ambulance

In a poignant thread on X, Hundeyin shared his personal experience, highlighting how his perception of societal challenges shifted following his father’s untimely demise. He recounted the distressing moment when his father collapsed on the floor of their N1 billion mansion, and the absence of an ambulance to transport him to the hospital underscored the grim reality of Nigeria’s inadequate healthcare infrastructure.

“I used to think I would not be affected by the faulty society and other challenges because I was from a wealthy home,” Hundeyin lamented. “But my father’s death made me see things differently.”

The revelation comes as Hundeyin responded to a tweet by X user @nnamexi, emphasizing the need for Nigerians to personalize the systemic issues plaguing the country. Hundeyin echoed this sentiment, highlighting the common misconception that individuals can somehow exempt themselves from the broader societal challenges.

“Exactly the issue,” he stated. “We imagine that we can somehow individually exempt ourselves from the state of the country around us. I know I used to think that too until my dad died on the floor in his N1 billion 8-bedroom mansion because there was no ambulance to get him to a hospital.”

Hundeyin’s disclosure has sparked widespread discussions on social media, prompting reflections on the urgent need for systemic reforms and improved access to healthcare services in Nigeria. It serves as a sobering reminder of the pervasive impact of institutional failures and underscores the imperative for collective action to address the root causes of Nigeria’s socio-economic challenges.

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